How did I get into Google?

In 2006, I did my B. Tech in Computer Science from IIT -ISM Dhanbad in India, and started my software engineering career with HCL Technologies (8 years) followed by American Express (7 years). Due to a lack of learning exposure, I started losing interest in work. So I decided to look for FAANG companies to get complex and more learning exposure.

Since I never prepared for FAANG companies before therefore I understood that I need help. So in Jan 2020, I joined Interview Kickstart. Though it gave me a good start soon I realized that it's not enough. So in April 2020, I reached out to a few of my friends and friends I made in Interview Kickstart and started group study. In this post, I will talk about what areas we studied which helped each one of us to get a good offer in mid of 2021. I joined Google, Vinod joined Microsoft, Gourav joined Robinhood and Saurabh joined Amazon :-)

Data Structure and Algorithm

We took the approach to first understand the concepts and solve multiple problems to apply those concepts. I am going to share the link of my Github for each topic which has all the related problems we solved. I think there are many good video tutorials on Interview Kickstart/YouTube/ therefore my Github links will act as filling to solve related problems on Leetcode to get hands-on on these concepts.

Array, Stack, Queue, and Map


Lexicographic Sorting

Recursion algo


Graph Theory

Dynamic Programming

Bits manipulation

Binary Search

Prefix sum

Linked list

Kadane’s algo

Sliding Window


Computational Geometry

Merge interval

Range Search

Sparse Table

Serialize and Deserialize

Randomize Algo

Matrix problems

Math algo


Evaluate expression

Network flow / Maximum matching

Game Theory

System Design

System Design is a very interesting topic to study. Following are the topics we studied.

Basics of System Design

Web Crawler system Design

Uber System Design

Trending Topic System Design

Top K System Design

Ticket master system design

Shortner URL

Pull Data from a Third-party system

Netflix system design

Instagram System Design

Google Search System Design

Google Doc system design

Facebook Messanger System Design

Dropbox System design

Count Connected Active users

AutoComplete System Design

API Rate limiter

Raft Consensus protocol

Database Sharding

Database Index

Storage Engine

Bloom filter

Behavioral Interview

This was the toughest part to prepare for the interview. The main reason is, we can’t copy others’ answers. Everyone has to prepare their own version of the answer for the same questions. We went through many questions and helped each other to give feedback on their story. It helped us a lot.

Resume preparation

We focused to build a one-page resume. After many rounds of feedback sessions, everyone had a good resume. My resume for reference :-)

STAR Method

STAR method was good in the beginning. Later we switched to CAR method.

CAR Method

Amazon Leadership principle

This was helpful to prepare each category.

Interview Kickstart

If you can afford, join You will never regret it.




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Dilip Kumar

Dilip Kumar

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